Smoke Jerky Mild

  • May 1, 2018

Smoke Jerky Mild

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This is our signature original Jerky. It’s 100 % Angus…

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This is our signature original Jerky. It’s 100 % Angus Eye of Round Beef. It is hand sliced against the grain and marinated. It’s then laid out by hand and seasoned with a perfect blend of herbs and spices. Once Seasoned, it heads to an old time real hickory wood smoker and is hard hickory smoked. After completion of cooking (about 9 hours) it is then moved to cooling racks overnight. This Process of seasoning and drying for three days, produces a flavor that can’t been matched. It will make the most discerning palate, hunger for more. All J-Ray’s Jerky is all natural, Low Carb, High Protein, and gluten free.

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Weight 3 oz

2 reviews for Smoke Jerky Mild

  1. Terri Ingram

    I can’t decide if it’s the seasoning, the texture, the freshness or just a perfect combination of them all that makes this jerky so good. We’ll be ordering plenty more.

  2. Alicia Kelley

    I’m not a huge jerky fan but this is the best beef jerky I’ve ever had!

    • jraysjerky (verified owner)

      So glad you liked it. I appreciate your comments. I will add a free bag of jerky to your next order ( just write the flavor you want in the comments). Thanks, John (J-Ray)

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